@dfr interaction is great. But sometimes I realize my statement may be a little divisive or could lead to an argument of sorts. Those are the ones I delete.

@stevieoberg I just watched a short talk on this earlier. It's more an interfaith thing, not Christian centric, but talks about how younger generations are trying to separate spirituality and religion...

@nicolas not really, it does take that form in a way. But you have task lists, broken in year, month and day. I've planned out tasks months ahead of time in my bullet journal.

@von a web browser is such a giant project. They have a hard time getting their clients out to the different OSs, I couldn’t imagine their timeline for a browser.

@nicolas that's an interesting take. What service do you use? I know some have better searches than others.

I could consider that minus having one folder/label for ToDo items or things that need action sooner or later.

@danielmrose Not exactly the same, but hand in hand is backbiting or gossip. Backbiting can feed off of finger pointing and is just as awful for one's soul.