The Story

Expeciate, if you didn’t know this, is not a real word. It’s a revelation that came to a young fella named Dave. What happened, you may ask? Dave, myself, and some other friends were hanging around a place we like to call magic rock. It is in one of the local forest preserves where I grew up. A small cliff, maybe thirty to forty feet over a spring fed stream with a large boulder in the center, sitting in the middle of the woods. The boulder was large enough, and flat enough, for maybe two to three people to sit or lay on and catch some rays through the trees while listening to the water churn. It was a popular place for us to expand our minds, if you get my drift.

Either way, this one day while I believe walking from, maybe to, but definitely walking. We, while somewhat high, I think we may have dropped some acid or shrooms, I don’t remember anymore, but Dave had to take a leak. It sounded like a great idea, and I think we all relieved ourselves. But Dave in particular was gracing a large bush with his urine when he exclaimed, “the bush said expeciate!”. We of course were like, “expeciate?”. We found it to be a wonderful word and automatically put a meaning to it.

expeciate [ex-pee-see-ate] - to release, let go, or relieve yourself of. “I had to expeciate the words out of my mouth”

Such is the birth of the word, only know to my friends and I, but now released for others to use also.

Whether the bush did actually talk to Dave, we will never know. It never did talk to the rest of us. But Dave being the stand-up individual he is, there is no reason to doubt him. Which brings us here, to this site.

I plan to expeciate words and thoughts out to the world. Good or bad, poorly written or works of genius (most likely the first option), the words will be shared. Most will likely be stories from youth, such as this story of the talking bush, with maybe some fiction worked in. Please feel free to stay and explore, send me comments, or delete the address never to return again. This place is my release.

Cheers, Tim